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The New York State Ophthalmological Society gratefully acknowledges the commitment, leadership and vision of its past Presidents. Each of these physicians has made unique and significant contributions toward furthering the goals of organized Ophthalmology and upholding New York State’s highest standards of medical eye care.

1957 Frank D. Carroll, MD

1958-1974 Bernard Kronenberg, MD

1975-1977 Jack S. Nauheim, MD

1978-1979 Francis J. Gilroy, MD

1980-1981 Frank J. Piper, MD

1982-1983 Robert C. Mickatavage, MD

1984-1985 Hobart A. Lerner, MD

1986-1987 Michael A. Sansone, MD

1988-1989 William M. McCarty, MD

1990-1991 Joseph L. Bacotti, Jr., MD

1992-1993 Karl J. Marchenese, MD

1994-1995 Paul N. Orloff, MD

1996-1997 Richard J. Seeger, MD

1998-1999 Samuel Packer, MD

2000-2001 Robert J. Kennedy, MD

2002-2003 James McGroarty, MD

2004-2005 Richard J. Freeman, MD

2006-2007 Andrew M. Prince, MD

2008-2009 Diane J. Kraus, MD

2010-2011 Steven Awner, MD

2012-2013 Ira J. Udell, MD

2014-2015 Gary S. Hirshfield, MD

2016-2017 Arnold S. Prywes, MD

2018-2019 Amjad M. Hammad, MD

2020-2021 Grace Sun, MD

2022 Peter L. Menger, MD

2023 Gareth M. Lema, MD, PhD

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